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Russian Language Courses

Learn Russian with Us

Russian belongs to the Eastern-Slavonic group of languages included in the Indo-European linguistic family. Today’s written script exists since 1918, but goes back to the original Cyrillic alphabet. It contains 33 letters, 21 of which transmit consonant sounds, 6 – vowel sounds, and 4 combinations of [j] and a vowel sound. The Cyrillic alphabet was created in the 9th century based on the Greek written language by adding several letters.

Russian is an East Slavic Language. It is the official language of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and many more minor or unrecognised territories. Russian belongs to the family of Indo – European language and is one of the four living members of the East Salvic Languages.

Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TROFL) is a contemporary test of Russian language for a foreign citizens in compliance with the best European Quality Standards.

Basic Course 30 Hours

The Russian Language course is meant for beginners who have no background in the language. The course will be taught by Subject Experts using prescribed texts in a direct and interactive method. The course has been designed for working professionals desirous of travelling to any Russian-speaking country or requiring the language for their respective profession. The module is also ideal for students. The syllabus has been designed to promote interactivity in the student, which is the basic building block of learning a new language. The course will focus on all four skills of language learning – Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.

1. Impart Russian language skills with special focus on speaking as well as reading,
2. Basic grammar & usage. Read and comprehend basic texts
3. Knowledge pertaining to German culture and etiquette will be interspersed within each session with the help of songs,games ,etc. to make the learning experience more interesting, enjoyable, interactive and communicative
4. Tests will be conducted at regular intervals to evaluate the level of comprehension of each Aparticipant

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