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MS, i.e. Master's degree is pursued after gaining fundamental knowledge in their field of interest. This is with the Bachelor's degree in their nation of residence. The American education system presents a wealthy field of choices for global students. There is an array of schools, programs, and locations that the choices might overwhelm any scholar, even those from the U.S.

As you start your school search, it's significant to make yourself known to the American education system. Understanding the system will assist you to narrow down your choices and develop your learning plan.

  • World's Highest Ranked Universities

The right step for a brilliant future is when one starts in the right way, by building the right knowledge platform. The USA is home to the majority of high-ranked universities which belong to the top 100 in the world ranked on the basis of research undertaken, facilities provided, proficiency of faculty members as well as the curriculum taught, among various other things. Such learning environments help students to grow beyond their limited theory-based approach, providing thinking space as well.

  • High-Quality Education

The United States is the #1 destination for students since it offers them the highest quality of education. The University believes in constituting the faculty with the best members. They also focus on providing an application-based education hence ensuring the faculty members are actively involved in heading research groups.

  • Abundant Possibilities

Students opting to study here are spoilt for choice. The USA has more than 4000 educational institutions that offer courses at undergraduate, postgraduate/master's, doctorate levels in various fields. They also encourage interdisciplinary programs and dual degree programs. The US also offers various certification courses.

  • Value For Money

An academic degree from the USA is the best investment for any student since it is recognized all over the world. The career options that follow once the student has completed his degree bring very high returns and ensure a very successful and fulfilling career in the United States or wherever else he chooses to establish his professional career.

  • Summer Schools

Few Universities provide summer schools for international students as a way to provide a teaser or trailer that they could expect to receive when they join a full-time program.

  • Flexible Curriculum

Universities in the US provide very flexible programs. Students are open to choosing from a variety of courses and electives available in the stream. They can also choose to study electives from another stream after the approval of the program director. This allows the students to specialize in their desired field of saying Mechanical Engineering and still be able to work on their hobby of learning French Language as a minor.

  • Considered Financially Secure

Banks readily provide loans for students who wish to study in the USA. In order to cover living expenses, International students are allowed to work part-time, up to 20 hours/week and 40 hours/week during breaks on campus. Students with strong profiles also get offered scholarships and/or assistantships (subject to availability of funds) on receiving admission. If not, then students can try for assistantships (research/graduate/teaching/grading) after arriving on campus.



These are Government affiliated institutions financially supported by public funds/ taxes, usually in large amounts. Public universities are relatively easy on the pocket. There are many well-known public universities across the country, which have high intakes for International Students.

Eg: Pennsylvania State University, Ohio State University, University of California, University of Texas, California State University, State University of New York


Private institutions operate without control or support of the government. Tuition fees for these institutions are usually higher compared to Public Universities, but international and domestic students pay the same amount of fees.

Eg. Long Island University, George Washington University, New York University, University of Southern California and Carnegie Mellon University


There are schools that offer programs mainly in engineering and are known for their active research projects and graduate programs. Most international students who attend these schools are at a graduate level. Students admitted in these schools tend to have a very strong background in math and science, as indicated by grades and standardized test scores (e.g. SAT or GRE).


These schools are the oldest and very well-known globally. The members of the Ivy League are: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Dartmouth, Cornell, Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania. Ivy League universities emphasize on undergraduate liberal arts education, but also boast graduate and professional schools. Admission into these universities is highly competitive.


They usually focus on basic training of traditional arts and science disciplines: humanities, sciences and social sciences. Liberal arts colleges are often quite old and are mostly private schools. These colleges are highly rated because they emphasize on small classes, individual attention to students and closer relationships between teachers and students.




A scholarship is a reward or financial aid given to a student to complete his studies. Students with outstanding academic scores, good scores in competitive exams, or excellent extracurricular achievements are eligible for various kinds of scholarships.



A student’s merit is awarded in the form of scholarships from Universities as well as other Institutions. Students are judged on the basis of High Scores in their previous relevant education, relevant work experience, high performance in entrance exams, research experience, etc. either individually or as a combination of many of these.

The Universities provide such scholarships at the time of admission in the form of a fixed annual amount or percentage.


Universities provide assistantships to students with considerable relative experience or potential for it and are awarded mostly during or after the 1st semester.

Teaching assistantships would include students helping their teachers with building presentations or notes for the class; they also might include grading papers on behalf of the teacher or teaching junior students.
Research Assistantships are provided to students who have shown considerable research potential or research experience.
Graduate Assistantships would involve students working with the Graduate office.
These opportunities are known to pay the students a stipend or even a tuition waiver

Other than University-based scholarships, there are various other external scholarships that are awarded by certain external bodies like the Chevening scholarship, British Council Scholarship, ETS scholarship, Tata Endowment Trust scholarship, etc. for which the student must apply if they fit the eligibility. Imperial guides students for such applications and any documents that are needed. Universities also provide a list of scholarships in their website which can be used to check for more opportunities.

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