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English Language Courses

Learn English with Us

The English for Professional Language course will handle general communication situations in your professional life. It will enable you to communicate in Functional Situations - situations in your daily life, office life, Inter-Personal Communication - talking to your superiors or colleagues, clients, giving an interview, etc. You will imbibe Context Vocabulary; which means idiomatic’s, stylistics, and also certain typical jargon and phrases, useful for fluent professional conversation. 

This course is for people who wish to develop an understanding of English. It includes reading, writing, listening and speaking (Vocabulary, Pronunciations, Sentence Framing, and Basic Grammar).

Course Contents: 50 hours
  • The course will help you get rid of the fear of speaking English. It will restore your confidence while speaking to your bosses, clients and colleagues. The course will give you an opportunity to overcome language barriers and gain proficiency

  • The syllabus imparts functional skills, adding to communicative competence in your professional field

  • Interactive and activity-oriented teaching methodology

  • Introduction

  • Objectives

  • Informal discussions

  • Introduction to Sentence structures.

  • Sentence Structures with activity.

  • Review of tenses.

  • Introduction to articles with activities. Prepositions.

  • Introduction to Communication. Assertiveness.

  • Extempore speaking skills. Conversational skills.

  • Skills for the workplace.

  • Grammar

  • Group discussion

  • Accent Neutralization

  • Tongue twisters

  • Chat session

  • Public speaking

  • Business writing

  • Listening skills

  • Team building

  • Initiating conversations

  • Role plays

  • Debates session

  • Presentation skills

  • Social skills & handling telephones skills

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