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Hospitality Management

Hospitality is more than a place to sleep or food to eat — it is the creation of deeply immersive experiences touching all of the senses.

CAREER-CRAFTERS are the Hospitality Consultants in India to intersect young minds. We have redesigned the hospitality and hotel consulting to make it more data-driven as compared to other hospitality industry consultants as well as hospitality & hotel management companies in India. - since then, there was no turning back.

Restaurant & Hotel Asset Management is a fast-growing global concept but remains misunderstood in India.

Hospitality Recruitment Services

Why choose our hospitality staffing solutions services? – There are other companies also who are offering the services of hospitality recruitment India, but the reasons why you should choose us are as follows:

  • As a dealing in hospitality recruitment agency, we have a vast experience in sourcing the best talents in overseas hospitality recruitment India for meeting the needs of our clients

  • we meet the different demands from the varied sectors of industry.

  • We can easily avail the services of experts from various fields for charting out the help for finding the best talents that are available to meet the demands of the clients.

  • Our hospitality recruitment consultants have a wide experience of searching for candidates for different roles in this sector of industries.

  • Our best hospitality recruiters can search for the best talents that can be made available for your needs through the help of the extensive database that we maintain of relevant professionals all over.

  • Our hospitality recruitment agency has the proper experience of filling up all types of profiles in the hospitality industry apart from the core areas.

  • We facilitate the entire hiring process on end to end basis.

  • After the selection process is over, we conduct the orientation program for the selected candidates as a value addition for our clients.

Presently we are providing our Hospitality Staffing Solutions for:

An international hotel recruitment agency has to handle many roles for their clients. There are many areas of recruitment that we handle in this sector:

  • General Managers

  • Managers of Restaurant

  • Front Office executives

  • Finance & Accounts related positions

  • Captains & Stewards

  • Housekeeping staff

  • Hostesses for events

  • Personnel for Maintenance & Engineering

  • Event Managers

  • Public Relations Executive

  • Room boys

  • Chefs & Cooks (All types of Cuisines)

  • Human Resources & Administration personnel

  • Guest relations executives

  • Travel Managers

  • Staff for Banquets

  • Sales & Marketing personnel

  • Heads of different departments

  • Food & Beverage Managers

  • House Keeping staff


Our Hospitality Recruiting Process

  • A particular hospitality recruitment consultant is given the responsibility of a particular client which is in line with the background of the client and his experience. This ensures the right selection of the candidate.

  • An agreement is formed between us and the client based on mutual understanding and the requirement that need to be fulfilled. We abide by the agreement and try to finish it within the time limits.

  • When a search procedure is initiated, it is done through the vast network database and a suitable match is found. With our best hospitality recruiter's long experience, searching becomes easy and can be affected in minutes.

  • During the search procedure, all various criteria are addressed at a time. Nothing is left out which allows the entire activity to b done in a fruitful manner.

  • If there is a need for an advertisement that has to be placed in the leading dailies as requested by the client, the same is handled by us.

  • When the candidates have been shortlisted, the initial screening of the candidates is done at our hospitality staffing solutions.

  • After this is done, the reference and the background checks of the candidates are carried out by us.

  • The shortlisted candidate list is handed over to the client for carrying out the final selection process at the employer’s end.

Recruitment in Hospitality Sector

Hospitality Sector is an amalgamation of 4 major sectors, namely, Beverages and Food, Lodging, Travel and Tourism, Recreation.

In the past few decades, the hospitality sector in India has shown significant growth. And because of this enormous growth rate, the recruitment needs of the hospitality sector are on a high. Companies are searching for good and efficient hospitality recruitment consultancies to filter out the best candidates for their teams.

As we all know, the hospitality industry is a multibillion-dollar industry, it is much broader than other industries. Apart from the business, the hospitality industry banks heavily on providing a top-notch level of service. Customers are visiting the business to get away from their busy schedules and troubles. One bad experience might keep them from returning ever again, remember, the customer is the king. Brand loyalty is exceptional to these customers, so the companies do their best to provide the finest service and for that, they need outstanding employees. The employees are hired on the basis of their skills and behavior. They are supposed to keep a pleasant face and an even more cordial attitude.

There are a huge number of vacancies in the hospitality sector with the ever-increasing opening of hotels, resorts, clubs, recreational centers, etc. Most of the job openings start from the basic and primary levels. For example, a hospitality unit such as a hotel or a resort will need employees for housekeeping services and direct operations as well.

 How to get a job in the Hospitality industry?

To get a job in the hospitality industry, having a degree is not mandatory, but if you are qualified enough, it will increase your chances of getting a good job with amazing pay right from the start. Qualifications range from the foundation course to diplomas, undergraduate, and master's degrees. Candidates should also possess a set of soft skills such as good communication skills, flexibility, interpersonal skills, and moreover commitment to the industry.

Those interested in undertaking a career in the hospitality industry should also consider upgrading their knowledge and certifications. There are lot many institutions that provide such courses related to the hospitality sector. Recruiting such efficient candidates is a herculean task and that’s where you need the back-up of Career-Crafters Services.


 Why Career-Crafters

  •  Career-Crafters Services is one of the best hospitality recruitment agencies in India having an experienced and professional team.

  •  Experts from all sectors aid us in shortlisting the best candidates that fit the clients’ specifications.

  •  At Career-Crafters we maintain a long-term relationship with our clients, unlike other recruiting agencies.

  •  Our huge database of qualified and experienced candidates.

  •  Our professional yet friendly team plus our years of experience in recruiting candidates to the hospitality sector.

  •  Easier and less complex recruiting strategies which make both the candidates and the employers feel relaxed.

Be it any field, recruitment is not a piece of cake. It’s not as easy as you think. Having a good recruitment team helps the company to go a long way. After all, a company is all about how good its professionals are. With Career-Crafters Services by your side, you would never miss out on the best candidates in the industry. Our refined recruitment strategies will make sure to pick the best among the best for your company.

Give us a call or drop in a mail today itself.

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